It goes without saying that the fics that get posted here are works of fiction and sprout from the feeble and sometimes twisted minds of those that write them (Oh look, a well d'uh statement). They are not written to cause offence to the people that the characters are based on, nor from the people that read them. They also do not contain any hidden agendas to harm any of the characters (or people) they are written about. Please take heed of the ratings and pairings systems that are in place and steer clear of anything that might offend you.


We don't own 'em, we just like 'em. We don't make any money and we're not out to cause any harm from what we write. So please don't sue because the only things you'd get are half filled notebooks, pens with no ink and possibly some out of date Tim Tams.
The fics presented here are not necessarily based on the people themselves. They are based on the characters these people portray in public. For the most part the authors have taken a single facet of the public persona and built an entirely new (though believable) character from that part. Fan fiction is a controversial subject, but for the most part it is far easier to work with a famous name as it removes the need to establish a new character when readers are familiar with the personas presented. Web based fiction needs to move fast and the high turnover of fiction here also means that a fic needs to attract the attention of potential readers to allow the author to keep writing.
The characters portrayed by the Doug Anthony Allstars were multi-faceted and therefore give a wide spectrum for interpretation. Please bear in mind that it is in no way intended for anyone to perceive the 'real' people as they are portrayed in these fics
To the boys:
If any of the fics that you appear in as a character cause offence, please contact the moderator or the author of the fic in question. Fics that cause offence will be altered to suit or pulled from the board if deemed necessary.